Media Mentions

To show a sense of myself as an educator and my work with and impact on students, the college, and the local community, here are several publications found online mentioning my work.


Summer 2012

Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning 2011-12 Annual Report (p.10):

“SNC Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) won their regional competition and competed nationally for the 4th consecutive year. SIFE’s 40 members and advisor Jason Senjem took on six community projects this year that included developing a community garden, collecting over a ton of food, and helping the NEW Zoo become more sustainable.”


Spring 2012

St. Norbert College Academic Service Learning Bulletin (Volume 1, Issue 2; p. 3):

“Dr. Jason Senjem’s ‘Business Management’ class putting on a fun, alcohol-free activity for students.”


Summer 2011

Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning 2010-11 Annual Report (p. 5):

St. Norbert College Management and OB classes academic service learning project results. “The class provided a positive atmosphere for students on campus.”


May 19, 2011

Message from St. Norbert President

“A college is built on its faculty, and St. Norbert is blessed to have an outstanding one…Jason’s Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team was in Minneapolis this week for the national SIFE competition. St. Norbert’s SIFE teams have won six regional championships, most recently in Chicago against 60 other colleges and universities.”


May 2011

@St. Norbert

The Compass

Organizational Behavior class project to build accessible raised garden beds for a local community garden: and

“Senjem describes his role as facilitator of the learning process rather than lecturer on theories and concepts. He explains that under Kolb’s model, the learning process often begins with a concrete experience that leads to reflective observation about the experience. Accordingly, students used their shared experience during the build to reflect on personal performance and behavior as it affected the team.”


April 13, 2011

St. Norbert College Press Release

St. Norbert College SIFE team wins at regional competition:

“’It creates excitement in the St. Norbert College SIFE club,’ said SIFE faculty advisor Jason Senjem. ‘The students were thrilled. We have 27 students taking part right now and it’s open to all majors, so we’re hoping even more students will get involved.’

As regional champions, St. Norbert College’s SIFE team received a trophy and $1,000 to be used for future SIFE projects. In addition to the championship, the college was also honored as a SIFE 4.0 club member, which recognizes SIFE chapters for quality education programs, success in SIFE, and long-term sustainability to improve the quality of life and standard of living for others.

This year, St. Norbert College SIFE received $4,450 in grants from Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club, and Campbell’s Soup that supported four major projects. The projects included collecting 5,000 cans from food drives while raising awareness about hunger; building three handicap-accessible raised garden beds for the Norbertine Volunteer Community; helping expand the local produce market; and helping the NEW Zoo with their sustainability efforts.”


Spring 2010

St. Norbert College Intersections (Volume 9, Issue 2; p. 2):

Essay on “Business as Vocation at St. Norbert College” by Jason Senjem


February 2010

@St. Norbert

Teaching as advising:

“Jones is working with Jason Senjem (Business Administration) and David Wegge (Political Science) to develop the independent studies portion of his course work. Their goal is to break down the process and determine what makes an entrepreneurial endeavor different from any other small business or self-employment opportunity…His major consists of theoretical and practical aspects, and the team is working on creating a mentor/internship capstone that would provide a real-life opportunity for practice and application that would not be feasible through a formal classroom setting.”


Fall 2009

St. Norbert College Magazine, Management Students Do A Double Take (Vol. 41, No. 3; p. 6):

“A group project undertaken as part of the Foundations of Management course helped double the profits at a campus café. With an initiative called ‘Taking Back the Weekend,’ the class promoted the Knight Owl Café’s Friday and Saturday night hours. The students wrote a business plan and worked together towards an enterprise that made up 25 percent of their individual semester grades. Jason Senjem (Business Administration) says his students thought the assignment seemed like a big hill to climb. ‘But,’ he says, ‘when I was visiting them in the Knight Owl, they were having a lot of fun and they felt ownership of what they were doing. I hope that they can relate to some of the concepts we talk about in management, in terms of planning, controlling, organizing and leading.’”


June 2008

@St. Norbert

New entrepreneurship course offered:

“During the spring semester, Jason Senjem (Business Administration) offered a special topics class on sustainable enterprise. The course required students to research entrepreneurial ventures that promoted the protection of the environment. Students wrote papers on topics ranging from wind energy to green building and presented their findings in a poster display at the Todd Wehr Library…The students said the course showed them how businesses can take a problem and turn it into an opportunity.”


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